What is Kendo World?

Kendo World is devoted to Japanese budo (martial arts), and the dissemination of its vast practical, philosophical and historical aspects to the non-Japanese speaking community.
Although our primary focus is kendo, we also cover iaido, naginata, jodo, jukendo and tankendo, as well as other koryū. In addition to these martial arts, Kendo World also contains articles of cultural and historical significance on various subjects related to budo.
Kendo World magazine is a twice yearly (June and December) print and ebook publication packed full of articles on kendo and related budo arts. The magazine was founded in 2001 by the editors Alex Bennett and Hamish Robison. Kendo World Journal is published in Japan by Bunkasha International K.K., which has also started publishing additional works on kendo and other budo arts which you can find here.

Kendo World Forums are online forums where the international kendo community can interact with each other and the Kendo World Team.
The articles for Kendo World are written by an international network of experienced martial artists spread across Japan and the world. Translations of articles and books published in Japanese, including our supporters Kendo Nippon and Kendo Jidai magazines, are included in many of our pages. We also accept submissions on related topics, from research to tournament reports.

The Kendo World Team is constantly trying to improve not only the quality of the magazine, but the strength of the international kendo community. We would like to thank you for your interest in Kendo World, and look forward to seeing you in the forums.
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How can I contact Kendo World?

You can contact us at info@kendo-world.com

Submissions for the next issue of the Kendo World Journal

Interested in getting an article published in the world’s only English language printed journal specialising in kendo and related arts? Kendo World is now taking submissions for the next journal. Any news about kendo in your country or club, interviews, technical, cultural, philosophical…. Please contact Editor-in-Chief Alex Bennett (alex@kendo-world.com) if you have some ideas.

Basic Guide for Article Submissions to Kendo World

What Formats Do You Publish Kendo World In?

Kendo World is available as either a hardcopy magazine from all major on-line booksellers, or as a Kindle eBook download, which can also be viewed on Windows and Apple computers, smartphones, tablets and in the cloud with the free Kindle app installed.

Do You Still Have Subscriptions?

Kendo World is NOT available on subscription anymore. Please purchase the latest editions from Amazon or any large online bookseller.

How Can I Follow Kendo World?

You can follow Kendo World on Twitter (@kendoworldmag) and Facebook. We also have our own YouTube channel to which we upload videos of various competitions and events. Also, don’t forget the famous Kendo World Forums ‒ an internet hub for international kendoka to meet and keep in touch.