The very first Dojo Files article appeared in Kendo World Vol.1.2 in 2002. It was about Mumeishi Kendo Club in London and was written by the late Terry Holt-sensei. In his memory, we are reprinting that article below. The Dojo Files: 00001 The History of Mumeishi Kendo Club: 1968-2002 By Terry Holt, 7th dan During the sixties, kendo in the UK was being practised in a small way at Judo clubs, and other dojos. Nenriki Dojo was the only kendo dojo in London, and it is here many of us started, mainly from judo backgrounds. Some of us branched out and started up a newRead More →

Auckland Kendo Club Celebrates its 25th Anniversary The Auckland Kendo Club celebrated 25 years as New Zealand’s oldest and largest Kendo club at an action packed ceremony at their dojo headquarters in Panmure on Saturday November 29, 2014. The club was honoured to have the Consul-General Mr. Kazutoshi Inadome and his wife, and Vice-Consul Mr. Kyohei Tanaka present at this event. Several sensei from other NZ Kendo dojos were present as well as a large number of past and present members and friends of the Auckland Kendo Club. The event featured an audio visual presentation of highlights of the club’s 25 year history, including anRead More →

Sword Making “Taiken” By Yulin Zhuang How much of a five-year apprenticeship can you distill into a single day of training? That was a question that three of us, (David Groff – who recently published a new translation of the Gorin no Sho, KW’s general manager Baptiste Tavernier, and votre serviteur) decided to put to the test when we went to make our own kozuka, a small knife traditionally inserted in the side of the saya. When I think of a Japanese swordsmith’s house, I typically imagine a small cottage in the middle of a rural area, perhaps surrounded by farmland. Thus it was a bitRead More →

Kendo is Beer A Trip to “Zanshin” – the Kendo Izakaya By Michael Ishimatsu-Prime Additional drinking by John Doherty I was recently informed by a kendo friend that near Ikebukuro station in central Tokyo, a kendo-themed izakaya (Japanese style pub) had just recently opened. Not needing much of an excuse to go for a beer, and explaining to my wife that this was for work, not pleasure, I headed to “Zanshin” after the All Japan Kendo Federation godo-geiko at the Nippon Budokan on Wednesday September 24, 2014. Also not needing much of an excuse to have a beer, I was accompanied by John Doherty, IrishRead More →

The 2014 International Naginata Federation Seminar By David D’hose, President, European Naginata Federation The most recent International Naginata Federation (INF) seminar was held in the Netherlands city of Amstelveen, next to Amsterdam, from August 22-24, 2014. There were about 85 participants from Australia, Belgium, Britain, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Israel, Japan, the Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, Sweden and the USA who attended. This great event, organized by the Netherlands Naginata Renmei, was conducted by a large delegation led by Hashimoto Kumiko, President of the INF, and Kimura Yasuko, Kyoshi, INF Director and Soke of the Tendo-ryu, who came from Japan. Also present in the delegation: YoshiiRead More →