University and College Kendo Dojo Outside “Kendo Countries”: Part One By Ron Fox In this article I want to discuss the unique problems faced by university dojo outside of what I’m going to call “kendo countries”. These are countries where kendo is not widespread at the college level and below. Hopefully I can give university kenshi that are trying to organize a group some idea of the problems that they may face. I’ll also give some ideas and directions that will help this very important segment of international kendo grow. For those of you in established university/college dojo, with any luck I can provide youRead More →

The Japanese University Experience – A thought about kata and gradings by Blake Bennett Living, working and studying in Japan, and predominantly moving in kendo circles, provides opportunity for a great deal of daily kendo-themed discussion and thought. KW has asked me to write a few articles about my experiences as a Kiwi in the 20-something kendo scene in Japan, and while reports on the summer and winter camps fill a few pages, this time around I would like to offer an opinion piece on the topic of kata. This article is written as an outsider looking in, and on the basis of the importanceRead More →

The Japanese University Experience – Winter Camp By Blake Bennett Contrary to popular thought, hell is not a fiery pit of pitchforks and sunburn, reserved for those of us who have lived a life of sin. Nay. It is in fact an icy dojo floor in the early hours of the morning, in the coldest month of winter, reserved for those of us with serious head issues. Starting at 5am, when sane people are tucked up in bed and when the radio DJ can get away with playing the songs he wants to listen to, only the very sick and twisted would voluntarily rise eachRead More →

Hayashi-sensei’s Visit By Ron Fox In my first article I gave a bit of history about the MSU Kendo Club which was founded in 1972. In 2012, we therefore celebrated our 40th anniversary. In a later article I’ll write about college kendo clubs in the Midwest Kendo Federation and their special challenges. The story of our 40th anniversary celebration actually goes back to the summer of 2011.  I had heard that Imafuji-sensei in the Indianapolis area was planning a kendo seminar with Miyazaki Masayoshi (Ritsumeikan) and Kendo World’s own Alex Bennett. Many more years ago than I’d like to admit, I had met Alex whenRead More →

Company Kendo Practice By Stuart Gibson Many people who do not have the opportunity to practise or live for a long period of time in Japan, are generally aware through visiting teachers of the different areas of Japanese kendo, such as the police, teachers or the general public. However, one that is not so well know is company kendo. Much like a university will have several clubs and societies, companies in Japan, especially the bigger ones, have kendo clubs. While maybe not as big or as common as company baseball clubs, they still definitely have their place. In my six plus years of living inRead More →