44th All-Japan Jodo Tournament October 8, 2017 Tokyo Budokan The 44th national Jodo championship tournament was held this past weekend at the Tokyo Budokan. This tournament, alongside the Kyoto Taikai in May, is one of the main national events for Jodo in Japan. However unlike the Kyoto Taikai, which is open to 6-dan renshi and up, the national championships are an opportunity for any jodoka from shodan on up to test their ability against the best practitioners in the country. Over 500 participants from all over Japan joined this year’s competition, a sure sign that Jodo, while the least populous of the three arts underRead More →

The Book By Kim Taylor  I have the 2014 version of “The Book” in my hot little hands and I am eagerly waiting for a few minutes during which I can read it. This is of course the English version of the AJKF iai manual. I look forward to knowing all about the changes that have happened since 2009 so I can apply them to all the students who will be learning from me and all those who will be in front of me at a grading. Not that I expect to see any changes, since I’ve been told there have been no changes sinceRead More →

The Sensei Speak: Part 2 By Kim Taylor Out of the way, old man Speaking of moving things along, we also discussed the movement of the “pioneer generation” up the ladder to make room for their students who are grading toward their level. Several of our seniors in the various arts were pioneers in Canada, and in many cases we noted there was actually a fight between our instructors and the organisation over “bumping them up” in rank. This might seem mysterious to some students just coming along, but there does come a time when you feel that: 1. You don’t really want, deserve orRead More →

The Sensei Speak: Part 1 By Kim Taylor There was beer involved. Had a rather interesting chat last evening in the bar with several sensei of several arts, specifically iaido, aikido, and a couple different lines of karate. You can learn it all in Seitei My own little rant actually started in class, where we were going over Seitei Jō. A question came up about shifting from one kamae to another at the start of a kata and why. We talked about it, but the bottom line is that the answer came easier for knowing a bit about koryū. The thing is, you can learnRead More →

What are YOU doing to save kendo? (And iaido and jodo and any of the koryū you do…) By Kim Taylor Seriously, what are you doing to promote the art, to preserve it for the next generation? Here’s a list of ideas, tick off the ones you do to find out what kind of budo bunny you are. 1. Go to practice. Not just now and then, not just a couple times a week, but every single practice your sensei holds, and then some practices on your own where you do your homework to reinforce what sensei taught you last class. 60 points for “yes”;Read More →