Chinese artist Yang Yongliang is famous for his photography and digital works in which he interweaves the structures of modern cities with the scenery of traditional Chinese landscape.  Yang’s signature style (Phantom Landscape III – Pages No.1 45 × 45 cm, Giclee print)   Lesser known is his 2015 video project, Fall Into Oblivion | 陌 入 止 境,  which features kendo. Shot mainly in Tokyo, the movie shows a kenshi who chases after the mythological 3-legged raven, and his inner self. Yang explains: In a lucid dream, there is a pair of joined islands above the sea horizon. Ocean tide rises mildly when a sacred three-legged raven landsRead More →

Dear Kendo World Readers and Supporters, We are certain that you have noticed that over the past couple of years we have struggled to meet our publishing schedule of June and December and have been slipping further and further behind. It’s the end of September now and the June issue (KW8.4) is still not out, but we are working hard to get it finished. We start production of each issue with the best intentions of publishing on time, but it has just not been possible. The core of Kendo World that is responsible for the running of the company is only four people. We allRead More →


56th All Japan Women’s Kendo Championships Sunday September 24, 2017  Kendo World is at the 56th All Japan Women’s Kendo Championships in Nagano at the fantastic “White Ring Arena”, a venue for the figure and speed skating events at the 1998 Winter Olympics. The ice has been melted or removed and 64 of Japan’s top female kendoka have gathered here all with the aim of being crowned All Japan Champion.   In recent years in the men’s AJKC, there have been several students take part, most notably Takenouchi Yuya, but the bulk of competitors being made up police officers. However, in the women’s competition, 25Read More →


28th Gakuren Alumni Taikai Sunday December 17, 2017 – Sumida Ward Gymnasium The Gakuren Alumni Taikai is a prestigious kendo competition featuring teams that are composed of graduates from different universities across Japan. Kendo powerhouses like Kokushikan and Tsukuba enter teams in all the divisions, and it’s not uncommon to see ex-All Japan Kendo Championships competitors taking part. Not only that, there is no limit on dan grade so there are plenty of 8-dan sensei taking part, too! In the men’s competition there are three divisions that consist of seven-, five-, and three-person teams. The women’s competition has one division with five-person teams. There areRead More →

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Report: The 6th Kendo World Tokyo Keiko-kai Saturday July 29, 2017 56 participants from 20 countries gathered at Meiji University’s Nakano Campus for the 6th Kendo World Seminar on Saturday July 29. We were very fortunate to have been joined by eight 8-dan and two 7-dan sensei that we invited to attend, together with two 8-dan and three 7-dan jukendo and tankendo sensei. The day began at 09:30 with warming-up before Shigematsu Kimiaki-sensei of Chiba police force led the instruction session. Shigematsu-sensei made the participants do kirikaeshi many times, emphasising big and correct over fast and sloppy. Then he guided the participants through the Bokuto ni yoru Kihon Waza Keiko-ho whileRead More →