Chinese artist Yang Yongliang is famous for his photography and digital works in which he interweaves the structures of modern cities with the scenery of traditional Chinese landscape.  Yang’s signature style (Phantom Landscape III – Pages No.1 45 × 45 cm, Giclee print)   Lesser known is his 2015 video project, Fall Into Oblivion | 陌 入 止 境,  which features kendo. Shot mainly in Tokyo, the movie shows a kenshi who chases after the mythological 3-legged raven, and his inner self. Yang explains: In a lucid dream, there is a pair of joined islands above the sea horizon. Ocean tide rises mildly when a sacred three-legged raven landsRead More →


The 15th All Japan Invitational 8-dan Kendo Championships Nakamura Sports Center, Nagoya Sunday April 16, 2017 The 15th All Japan Invitational 8-dan Kendo Championships was held at Nakamura Sports Center in Nagoya on Sunday April 16, 2017. As usual, the Kendo World team was there to cover the event. 32 of Japan’s top 8-dan sensei were selected to take part (profiles below), and for the second year running, Kanagawa’s K8-dan Miyazaki Masahiro was victorious, defeating K8-dan Tani Katsuhiko, a high school principal from Gunma, in the final with a men strike in encho. In the current format of the 8-dan championships, Miyazaki-sensei became the second competitorRead More →