Opening Ceremony of the 16th WKC Welcome to the Nippon Budokan! The day has finally arrived that so many of us have been waiting for for so long, whether we are a competitor or practitioner. The KW team, too, has been busy preparing for this event for some time and have assembled en masse at the Nippon Budokan to bring you updates, photographs and videos from the 16th WKC. Here are the first batch from the opening ceremony.                Read More →

Photo Essay: 2015 Kyoto Taikai Kobudo / Jodo / Iaido By Jeff Broderick ‏ “Golden Week” in early May of each year sees one of the main events of the sword arts calendar: the Kyoto Taikai.  The setting for this venerable event is the august Butokuden hall – a venue that is steeped in tradition and rich in atmosphere, but one which can be a photographer’s worst nightmare.  The hall itself is rather dark, with intense backlight streaming in from outside, and because the event is so crowded, it often plays out like something of a three-ring circus.  On top of that, a handful ofRead More →