Kendo World Needs You!

– A Call for Volunteers! –

17 years ago, two young kendoka decided to start the world’s first and only English language kendo magazine. Their goal: to disseminate kendo’s vast practical, philosophical, and historical aspects to the non-Japanese speaking community. It’s been a long 17 years, and Kendo World has seen many contributors come and go. Unfortunately, as our core contributors grow older and busier with careers and family and the vicissitudes of life, we’ve had to make some tough choices around our priorities. As many of you have probably noticed, we’ve chosen to maintain the high standards of our magazine, but our publishing speed has declined precipitously.

To be frank, we need help. The world has come a long way and changed a lot from the days when our forums were the hot spot for all things budo related and where interview translations were passed around via photocopies of photocopies. We need new voices and new skills and fresh, young perspectives.

We have a lot of ideas and a lot of untapped sources, and our desire for passing on this knowledge is still undimmed. If you are passionate about kendo or the Japanese martial arts and are willing to commit your time, we would be humbled to accept your help.


The Kendo World Team


What do we need?


  • Japanese-English translation for articles, interviews, books, etc.

Magazine and Video

  • Desktop publishing
  • Assistance with magazine and book layout
  • General graphic design (book covers, posters, etc.)
  • Experience with Illustrator or InDesign preferred
  • Video production
  • Basic editing of match videos, 360 degree video, interviews, etc.
  • Subtitling of interviews or other material
  • Assistance with recording

Website and Social Media

  • Website maintenance and design update of the Kendo World site and associated Bukansha International sites
  • Social Media management of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Forums, etc.
  • Advertising of new publications


  • Proofreading and copy editing of submitted articles
  • Work together with contributors to add extra material

Event Staff

  • Help recording events such as the 8-dan and All Japan championships, etc.
  • Manning shops, backstage coordination, other logistical tasks
  • Take photos of events or for new publications

Who are we looking for?


  • Martial artists who are enthusiastic and really want to improve their knowledge
  • At least 1-2 years’ experience with kendo or similar traditional Japanese martial art
  • Self-driven individuals who are able to take ownership of projects
  • Ability to work to a deadline

Not required, but desirable

  • Located in Japan
  • Fluency in Japanese
  • Coffee making skills
  • Over 20 (or fake ID that shows you are) in order to make convenience store beer runs
  • Ability to burp and/or fart on command

How will we select?

Selection will be based on assessment of the following materials.

  • A brief resume or CV (one page max)
  • 250-500 words on why you want to intern or volunteer at Kendo World
  • Japan-based applicants may be requested to meet for an interview; overseas applicants may be asked to conduct a video (Skype, Messenger, etc.) interview.

Please send to

What will you get?

  • A chance for your work to be published in Kendo World magazine
  • Early access to upcoming Bukansha International publications
  • Behind-the-scenes access at events like the All Japan Kendo Championships
  • Guidance from our team of top editors and translators
  • Chance to meet many influential kendo practitioners and train with them
  • Specially qualified individuals may be eligible for other benefits, which includes subsidized lodging near Kyoto and regular practice at Kansai University, etc.


  1. I’m an English teacher by trade. I do not mind proofreading articles for your magazine. I do not, however, live in Japan.

    I am, however, a very crazy person with loads of bizarre personality and a gift for reading and writing. I also love kendo more than I love lunch.

    Let me know if I can help.

    Michael Lindsay
    Tulsa Kendo Club
    Kendo Yondan
    Iaido Shodan
    BJJ White-belt

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