Kendo World / Shogun Kendogu “Blue Label Article Competition”

Kendo World / Shogun Kendogu
“Blue Label Article Competition”

Kendo World Wants You!

Do you want to be well-protected and look smart in the dojo with a fully-customisable set of bōgu? Do you want to revel in the kudos from dojo mates, friends, and family for having your work in print in Kendo World? Well, to make these dreams come true Kendo World has teamed up with the boys at Shogun Kendogu to bring you the “Blue Label Article Competition” where you can win a set of Shogun Kendogu’s Blue Label bōgu – valued at $749.99!

All you have to do is write an article about kendo, or any of the sword-related martial arts and submit it to Kendo World. The editorial team will choose the best article, which will then appear in issue 9.1 of Kendo World, due out in June 2018. The winner will also receive a set of Shogun Kendogu’s Blue Label bōgu. An explanatory video of the Blue Label is below.


So, put down your shinai and pick up your pens, and hit us with your best kendo article to have a chance of winning a set of fully customisable Blue Label bōgu from Shogun Kendogu!



Terms and Conditions

  1. Topic: Kendo, or any of the sword-related martial arts. The articles could be historical or philosophical, dojo reports, interviews, or anything you think is interesting.
  2. Word length: 1000-3000 words.
  3. Deadline: February 1, 2018
  4. The winner of the best article will be announced on March 31, 2018. The winner will be contacted by Shogun Kendogu soon after for measuring up.
  5. Five runner-up articles will win a two-issue Zinio subscription to Kendo World.
  6. All articles will be refereed by the Kendo World editorial staff. Please note that articles might be edited before inclusion in Kendo World.
  7. The Kendo World submission guidelines can be found here.
  8. Other articles may be published by Kendo World, either in the magazine or on the Kendo World website.
  9. Please make your submissions to
  10. The winner will receive a set of Blue Label bōgu, not the cash equivalent or other Shogun Kendogu products of the same value.
  11. Please allow up to three months from supplying your measurements/preferences to Shogun Kendogu for delivery of the Blue Label bōgu.
  12. The “3 Year Repair Warranty” is not included in this competition. (Can be purchased for $100.)
  13. Details of the Blue Label bōgu that is up for grabs can be found here. It includes options such as embroidery colour, dō-kazari pattern, kote tenouchi type, kote futon length, etc. Options such as coloured dō-dai, bamboo dō-dai, and kiji dō-dai, are available but at an extra cost. If ordered, these will be billed after the prize is claimed.
  14. Name embroidery up to 10 letters/characters is included.
  15. The five runner-ups will need a Zinio account (details here) and the Zinio app installed on their smart phone, tablet, or PC/Mac in order to receive their two-issue subscription.