NAGINATA Monbushō Seitei Kata — Jū-yonhon-me

By Baptiste Tavernier
Originally published in Kendo World 7.2, 2014.

14本目 — kote no zangeki ni taishi ōjikaeshi hidari-men, ishizuki tsuki


From gedan attack and cut kote.

⇒ From hidari-jōdan rotate the body to the right and block with the shinogi, then cut hidari-men.

Block the hidari-men cut with the ishizuki, and perform a harai.

⇒ Use the momentum of the harai to perform a thrust to the side with the ishizuki.


— This kata was studied from middle school, 4th grade.

— There is no mention in the guidelines that the defender should assume the kumi-ashi posture before thrusting with the ishizuki, as it is done nowadays in shikake-ōji No. 6.