Tankendo no Kata — Yonhon-me

By baptiste Tavernier

Note: When this article was first published in Kendo World, the kata known nowadays as Sanbon-me – Kote Uchi had not been created yet. What is now Yonhon-me and described below was then consequently kata n°3 (the Tankendo no Kata had thus in those days 7 series only).

Yonhon-me: nodo no haraizuki – go no sen

Both uchikata and shikata assume chūdan-no-kamae. Starting from the front foot, they take three big steps forward.


As soon as they enter into the maai for attack, uchikata takes the initiative and thrusts to shikata’s nodo. However, while evading to the right, shikata performs a uchi-harai onto uchikata‘s tanken, and thrusts immediately at uchikata’s nodo.

tankendo tankendo tankendo tankendo

While taking a big step backwards, shikata pulls his tanken back strongly, and immediately shows zanshin by taking a small step forward keeping the kissaki pointed at uchikata. Uchikata and shikata go back to chūdan-no-kamae. They disengage their weapons to close the kata, and from the rear foot, both take five small steps and return to the original starting position.

tankendo tankendo tankendo