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Kendo World Magazines and Books - Zinio eBook

Kendo World magazines and books are also available via the Zinio eBook platform. The Zinio editions look exactly the same as the printed versions, unlike those on Kindle which have a different layout. The Zinio editions can be read on your smartphone or tablet - online or offline - by using iOS and Android compatible apps. Alternatively, they can be viewed on a PC or Mac computer. For more information about Zinio, click here.

Kendo World Magazine on Zinio

These are the issues of Kendo World that are currently on sale on the Zinio eBook platform. They contain a huge variety of articles including technical explanations, sensei and competitor interviews, tournament reports, and cultural and historical explanations. The Kendo World Zinio store is here.

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Kendo World Books on Zinio

The following books are available on the Zinio eBook platform from our Special Edition channel on the Zinio eBook platform. The Kendo World Special Edition Zinio store is here.