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Many of you are familiar with Kendo World. We have been operating for 17 years as the world’s only English-language magazine devoted to kendo and other Japanese sword arts. We’ve been writing and translating material and distributing it as widely as possible, spreading the knowledge that’s available in Japan around the globe. Unfortunately, our existing wordpress-based forums and our published magazine aren't enough to keep up in today's rapidly changing kendo world.

To continue our mission, Kendo World needs to adapt, and while we will continue to produce a magazine full of excellent articles and photography, we want to do more.  

Patreon struck us as an ideal way to move forward — a chance to re-engage with a younger audience. The more support we get, the more we can provide to our supporters. The funds raised through this Patreon will go towards defraying costs such as travel and equipment, and towards additional publications. Your contributions to this Patreon will free us up to devote more time and energy to what brings us all together: our passion for kendo and Japanese martial arts. 

We have lots of ideas about what we want to do--more translations of texts, videos, interviews, guides, philosophy, courses--and we also want to be able to more directly interact with kendo-ka globally.

Ultimately this benefits the entire kendo community. We can share material more widely, more often, and more democratically through this subscription model. From all of us here at Kendo World, we hope you'll consider subscribing.

To join our Patreon community, follow this link!

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