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KW Publications

These are the books published by Kendo World (Bunkasha International) and titles from the Nippon Budokan that we sell, as well as those written by Kendo World's editor-in-chief, Alex Bennett. Click on the covers for information about the book. There are also links to the, but they can also be purchased from your local Amazon store. These books are also available from other retailers, such as Book Depository.)

HIrakawa_kendo_zinio 1.jpg
Naginata cover.jpg
Jukendo Cover_edited.jpg
KW Kendo Mind.jpg
kendo world special edition 3.pdf_Page_001.jpg
Front Cover New.JPG
Oshu Cover.JPG
Lidstone cover.JPG
Budo Perspectives.jpg
35 kajo cover.jpg
Les contes du samourai.jpg

from the nippon budokan

Karate_Its History and Practice_表紙_A.jpeg
Strategy Art of Peace.jpg
Ideology of the sword.jpg

books by KW's alex bennett

complete musashi.jpg
bushido art of living.jpg
kendo culture.jpg
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