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International Jukendo/Tankendo Summer Seminar

The All Japan Jukendo Federation announced a few months ago the 3rd International Jukendo/Tankendo Instructors Training camp. This seminar aims to further develop the technical abilities of foreign instructors and practitioners who study the Japanese martial arts of jukendo and tankendo.

Unfortunately, travel restrictions are still in effect this summer and getting to Japan is difficult, most likely not possible. Therefore, the number of participants is rather limited. That’s why the All Japan Jukendo Federation has decided to adapt the contents of the seminar and open it to foreign kendo practitioners living in Japan who are interested in trying both disciplines during a 4-day event. The details are as follows:

Date: August 6 (Sat.) ~ 9 (Tue.), 2022



Fukushima-ken, Fukushima-shi Minami Taiikukan

〒960-1245 Fukushima-ken, Fukushima-shi Matsukawa-machi, Asakawa Kasamatsu 11-2


Fukushima-ken, Fukushima-shi Tatsugoyama Shizen no Ie

〒960-1321 Fukushima-ken, Fukushima-shi Tatsugoyama Aza Kanaisaku 1


Number of participants: limited to 20 

Seminar fee: 1,000 JPY per day. This does not include accommodation/food.


Several business hotels can be found around Fukushima Station. The sensei will be staying at the Green Palace hotel, ( ). If you want to stay in that hotel as well, please let us know.

Application deadline: July 15, 2022

Things you will need:

- Hakama

- Kendo-gi (several if you can)

- Tenugui (don’t forget!)

- Kendo bogu (jukendo elements like KATA, SHINO and MUNE-ATE will be lent to kendo practitioners so they can add to their gear to make a full jukendo bogu)

- your Nihon Kendo Kata bokuto and kodachi, if you have them.

- Deodorant. A lot. It’s gonna be hot, sweaty and smelly!!

Insurance: Each participant is responsible for their own sports/travel insurance. The federations do not insure accidents that may occur during practice.


Baptiste Tavernier

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