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Kendo Lockdown Meme Competition

Dear Kendo World Follower,

The Kendo World Team hopes that you’re managing to stay in good health in the midst of the corona virus pandemic. Many of you who are reading this will be in lockdown, and we hope that you have enough essentials and are able to stay safe and sane. So far in Japan we’re not in lockdown, but most likely will be in the next few days with the expected surge of new infections coming soon.

With regards to kendo, most competitions, seminars, gasshuku, and regular practices have been cancelled here in Japan, and at the moment it’s hard to see when they will restart. Many kendo events in other countries have also been cancelled.

It has been great to see the different activities that people have created and shared on Facebook and Twitter to give both adults and children things to do while they can’t leave their homes. We here at Kendo World thought we’d come up with something to keep kendoka occupied for a little while, together with the chance of winning a prize. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you the “Kendo Lockdown Meme Competition”.

What we’d like you to do is create a kendo-themed lockdown meme, something along the lines of the one below.

You can use an image from any source you want or take your own. However, if you decide to take your own picture, please obey the rules in your locality if you want to leave the house to do so. We don’t want anyone to unnecessarily put themselves in danger. Once you’ve created your image, please send it to us through Facebook messenger – do not post it on our Facebook feed. Once the deadline has passed, we will upload them to our Facebook feed and people can vote for which one they think is the best. Depending on the number of entries, this could be decided through a Facebook poll or the total number of likes an image gets. The winner will get a prize!

Rules and Information

1. Create a kendo-themed lockdown meme.

2. Submit meme through Facebook Messenger – do not post on our feed.

3. Submit by midnight Japan time, Sunday April 5, 2020.

4. Make sure that the image/text is appropriate to be posted on Facebook.

5. Depending on the number of entries, voting will begin sometime in the week of April 6–12.

6. Depending on the number of entries, there may be preliminary rounds in a league format and then knockout rounds.

7. The winner’s name will be published with the image on Kendo World’s Facebook.

8. The winner will need to submit a postal address for the prize to be sent to.

9. Only one entry per person.

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1 Comment

Alika Inga
Alika Inga
May 07, 2022
I love reading your articles
I also do wrestling and I want to do kendo it as soon as I have more free time from my project
Thanks for so much interesting information.
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