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The Resilient Shinai - A History of Kendo in Canada

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are please to announce that “The Resilient Shinai - A History of Kendo in Canada” by Okusa Hirokazu is now on sale!

Hirokazu Okusa details the captivating history of kendo in Canada in The Resilient Shinai. Kendo, a Japanese martial art with roots in the ancient sword fighting techniques of the samurai, was brought to Canada by industrious Japanese immigrants looking for a better life.

The Resilient Shinai describes the tumultuous history of kendo in Canada, from its humble beginnings in the early 20th century to the vibrant present of the 2000s. A special focus is given to the trials and triumphs of the Japanese immigrants during the tumultuous period of internment during World War II, in which many lost their homes and livelihoods. From trials came triumph in the face of great adversity as their unyielding spirit carried kendo forward through their internment.

In addition to the prewar, war, and postwar periods of kendo in Canada, there is also an account of the lives of two remarkable individuals, Torao "Tiger" Mori and Motoo Matsushita. These two kendoka had contrasting but remarkable kendo journeys and played an important role in the development of kendo in North America.

Meticulously researched and illustrated with many archive photographs, The Resilient Shinai is an engrossing read for kendo enthusiasts and people interested in history alike.

Authored by Hirokazu Okusa, a former president of the Canadian Kendo Federation and a dedicated kendo practitioner, The Resilient Shinai is a testament to his passion for ensuring that the history of Canadian kendo is not forgotten. This book pays homage to his seniors, the pioneers of Canadian kendo.

The Resilient Shinai can be purchased in paperback and e-book formats.

Paperback The paperback version is available from online bookstores such as Amazon*, Barnes & Noble, Blackwell's and many, many more!

E-book The e-book version is available on the Budo Books app. The Budo Books app can be installed on iOS and Android devices. There is also a PC/Mac version if you don’t have a smartphone or tablet. More details about the app can be found here:

*This link is for However, please note that it takes some time for all Amazon stores to make the title available. If it’s not on sale in your local Amazon store yet, please keep checking back or try one of the other online retailers.

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