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Budo Books App Black Friday Sale!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We have a 2023 Black Friday sale on the Budo Books app, with some huge savings to be had on our books and magazines!

For a one-time payment of $115 (USD) you can get all issues of Kendo World currently available on the Budo Books app! That's Vol.1, Vol.2, Vol.3, Vol.4, Vol.7, and Vol.8 - a total of 24 issues! If you were to buy these issues individually, the cost would be $231 - that's a saving of 50%! Not sure? See the contents of these issues here!

In addition, Special Editions 1 to 10, that would usually cost $116 when purchased individually, are available as a bundle for $58 - a saving of 50%! For that price you get:

Kendo World World Kendo Championships Special Edition

A Truly British Samurai: The Exceptional Charles Boxer (1904-2000)

Kendo - Approaches for All Levels

The Zen Calligraphy and Painting of Yamaoka Tesshu

The Kendo Mind - A Guide to Grading Successfully

Naginata - History and Practice (both parts)

The Fighting Man of Japan - The Training and Exercises of the Samurai

The Oshu Kendo Renmei - A History of British and European Kendo (1885-1974)

A Man of Many Parts - Portrait of an Inimitable Swordsman

(This deal does not include Karate - Its History and Practice, Kendan, The Resilient Shinai, or Karate My Life.)

Need more information about these Special Editions? See the contents here!

The good news does not stop there though! For even bigger savings, you can buy the above two bundles together for $145 - a saving of 58%!!

These fantastic offers are not only for one day! They will be available from Friday November 24 to Sunday December 17!!

Please note these offers are not available for purchase directly through the Budo Books app. They can only be purchased using the PayPal links below.

How to Buy:

1. Download the Budo Books app to your iOS or Android device, or go to the Budo Books homepage here.

2. Register for a Budo Books account.

3. Choose the bundle that you want to purchase.

4. VERY IMPORTANT! Before clicking on the "BUY NOW" button, enter the email address you used to register for your Budo Books account into the box. (See the image below.) Without this email address, your purchased bundle cannot be fulfilled. Also, please ensure that you enter your email address correctly when entering it into this box.

5. Follow the instructions and make the payment.

6. Your ordered bundle should be delivered within 5 days.

Kendo World Bundle

Enter your Budo Books account email before clicking "Buy Now"!

Special Edition Bundle

Enter your Budo Books account email before clicking "Buy Now"!

Kendo World & Special Edition Bundle

Enter your Budo Books account email before clicking "Buy Now"!

*Please note that the discount percentage is based on USD. This percentage may differ in other currencies.

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