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The team at Fine Ladies Kendo Worldwide will soon be releasing Vol.6. Pre-sale has already started and it will go on general sale on 28 February 2024.

The Pioneers of Women's Kendo preview video can be seen at this link:

The interviewees include:

Sato Atsuko

5 time-champion in Japan

First woman to become Executive Director at the AJKF

Chairperson of the AJKF Women's Committee

Shikai Yuriko

One of the founder members of Southern California Kendo Federation Women’s Kendo Association back in 1995

USA champion many times

Marleen Charng

Winner of the first women's category national championships in Taiwan, followed by many more

Moved to New Zealand in 1997 and opened Waikato Kendo Club with husband

Vol.6 Articles:

A Cultural Journey of Integration—Japan and the Philippines by Paul Budden

Power and Responsibility: Identifying harassment within kendo hierarchical relationships by Kate Sylvester

Points on Training for Dan Grade Examinations by All Japan Kendo Federation Women’s Committee

8th dan Kyoto Examination 2023 by Kanda Manami

Kendo at The World Combat Games 2023 by Robin Jakuen

Women Aki Taikai by Kate Sylvester

Women’s Kendo Events across the Globe 2023 by FLKW

‘Motherly Love’ Solveig Malmkvist (1932 – 2023) by Hans Lundberg

Thinking Outside of the Box by Koizumi Mizuho

Fine Ladies Kendo Worldwide

Japanese subscription site:

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