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Fine Ladies Kendo Worldwide Vol.3

Volume 3 of Fine Ladies Kendo Worldwide will available in February. Here are the contents of that issue.


Maeda Shinko (Japan)

Eda Chen (Hong Kong)

Wendy Robillard (Canada)


An age of Chivalry – Japanese Ladies in Foggy London Town by Paul Budden

The Paradox of Kendo for Women: Deep Human Connection and Collective Silence by Kate Sylvester

Postnatal Kendo by Nagahara Satoko

An Introduction to Kendogu for Women (3) – Kendo-gi and hakama by Imai Michie

Thinking Outside of the Box by Homma Misako


Design Idea Competition – Kendogu for women

A video preview of the interviews contained in Vol.3 is up on YouTube as well!

More details about FLKW can be found on their website here.

FLKW also has a Japanese subscription page here.

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