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Volume 4 of Fine Ladies Kendo Worldwide is available now! Here are the contents of this issue.

Pioneers of Women’s Kendo

Interviews Sakuragi Harumi (Japan) Lucy Pratt (UK) Alyne & Malyne Hazard (USA) Videos Interview videos in English / Japanese subtitles Articles Suffrajitsu – A Martial Arts for Women by Paul Budden Kendo Training Methods for Women by Age by Sumi Masatake The First National Kendo Tournament for Housewives by Robin Jakuen Thinking Outside of the Box by Mieko Larre Design Idea Competition “Kendogu for Women” Results

A video preview of the interviews contained in Vol.4 is up on YouTube as well!

More details about FLKW can be found on their website here.

FLKW also has a Japanese subscription page here.

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