Shu-ha-ri Revisited: Part II

Shu-ha-ri Revisited: Part II By Ron Fox Continued from Part I. As I read the discussions of the application of shu-ha-ri to software development and, in particular mentoring software development, I was struck by how over and over again the discussion turned to how to manage the transition from phase to phase. That’s a problem I increasingly had with the discussion and it’s my fault since I wrote about that issue in the context of not having a local instructor … Continue reading

Shu-ha-ri Revisted: Part I

Shu-ha-ri Revisited: Part I By Ron Fox  A little background on this article. It is, I confess a rewrite of something I did a long time ago.  Back in the 1990s the internet as we know it was in its infancy. The way people normally did things like the KW forum then was to have a beast called a mailing list. This is an email address you send messages to, which then resends that message to all list subscribers.  The … Continue reading

The Kendo Grading Book Vol.1 and Vol.2 Available Now on iBooks!!

Vol.1 and Vol.2 Available Now on iBooks!! The Kendo Grading Book How to Pass Kendo Examinations 4-dan to 7-dan By Yoshiyama Mitsuru Translation and Editing by Alex Bennett In 2006, Kendo World published Kendo Kyoshi 7-dan Yoshiyama Mitsuru-sensei’s The Kendo Grading Book: How to Pass Kendo Examinations 4-dan to 7-dan. It was accompanied by a DVD that helped illustrate the important points that candidates who are attempting a grading should pay attention to. It has been out of print for some … Continue reading

KIN 102M cont. – You mean I gotta write an essay?

KIN 102M cont. – You mean I gotta write an essay? By Ron Fox This article has its roots in two other articles I’ve written. If you want to get the background, have a look at “Kirikaeshi? Is that going to be on the final?” Part I and Part II and “What good is kendo?” If you’re impatient like me… well then just dive right in and ignore the back story. In the Michigan State University “KIN 102M” (Introduction to Kendo) … Continue reading

Dojo Files: London Mumeishi Dojo 40th Anniversary

This Dojo Files article originally appeared in Kendo World 4.4. In memory of Terry Holt-sensei we are reprinting the article here. Dojo Files: Mumeishi Dojo London Mumeishi Dojo 40th Anniversary By Michael Komoto In recent times, we take for granted the broad dissemination of kendo, popularization in modern culture, and the possibility of traveling and engaging in kendo in nearly any place in the world. However, it has not always been so, and in actuality, the history of kendo outside … Continue reading

Dojo Files 00001: The History of Mumeishi Kendo Club: 1968-2002

The very first Dojo Files article appeared in Kendo World Vol.1.2 in 2002. It was about Mumeishi Kendo Club in London and was written by the late Terry Holt-sensei. In his memory, we are reprinting that article below. The Dojo Files: 00001 The History of Mumeishi Kendo Club: 1968-2002 By Terry Holt, 7th dan During the sixties, kendo in the UK was being practised in a small way at Judo clubs, and other dojos. Nenriki Dojo was the only kendo … Continue reading