The Book

The Book By Kim Taylor  I have the 2014 version of “The Book” in my hot little hands and I am eagerly waiting for a few minutes during which I can read it. This is of course the English version of the AJKF iai manual. I look forward to knowing all about the changes that have happened since 2009 so I can apply them to all the students who will be learning from me and all those who will be … Continue reading

RT2014, and a bit of kendo as well

RT2014, and a bit of kendo as well By Ron Fox Many of you have read my past articles for the Kendo World homepage. As you might expect, I have a professional (non-kendo) life. I work as a programmer for the National Superconducting  Cyclotron Laboratory at Michigan State University (NSCL). My speciality is the construction of software for real-time data acquisition from experiments performed at this facility. Our University and the NSCL have a grant to build a new U.S. … Continue reading

The 2nd Children’s Kendo Festival

The 2nd Children’s Kendo Festival By Stuart Gibson Recently, I was lucky enough to be invited by the Japan Kendo Promotion Association to participate as a guest at the 2nd Children’s Kendo Festival, held in Saitama on June 15, 2014. The aim of the festival is: “Widening the recognition of kendo, supporting the health and growth of children, and through competition giving a chance to develop new friendships and demonstrate their improvement through practise.” ( As part of this festival, … Continue reading



The True Meaning of the Nihon Kendo Kata

At the 3rd Kendo World Tokyo Keiko-kai held on Saturday August 2, 2014, H8-dan Inoue Yoshihiko-sensei spoke about the true meaning of the Nihon Kendo Kata, and a demonstration was given by two of his students. The talk was based on an article that Inoue-sensei had written for the September 2014 issue of Kendo Nihon. Below is the handout that was given to all participants. The True Meaning of Learning the Nihon Kendo Kata (Inoue Yoshihiko Kendo Hanshi 8-dan, Kendo Nihon Sept. 2014) … Continue reading

The 3rd Kendo World Tokyo Keiko-kai

On Saturday August 2, 2014, the Kendo World Team welcomed 53 participants to Meiji University’s Nakano Campus for the 3rd Kendo World Tokyo Keiko-kai. This was our biggest event to date, due in part to the fact that it was the day after the Kitamoto Seminar finished. We were very happy to have eight participants from the Kitamoto Seminar take part in our event, too.   Construction of the Nakano Campus was only finished last year, and the campus was … Continue reading