The Usual Suspects – The Kendo World WKC Guess Who!

Results! The Kendo World 16th WKC Special Issue included the pictures of 50 notable competitors from previous WKC, and even the World Goodwill Kendo Match in 1967. Whoever could guess the identities of the competitors would win a set of exclusive Kendo World kote. Well, the results have been tallied, and the winner has been decided. Ishikawa Masami of Hachioji, Tokyo, is the competition winner by guessing 41 of the 50 competitors correctly, the most correct answers of all the … Continue reading

Subscriptions to Kendo World

Subscriptions to Kendo World From time to time, we receive enquiries from readers who wish to know how to renew their subscription, or how to subscribe to Kendo World. The truth is, a subscription to the printed edition of Kendo World has not been available since issue 6.1. When we started Kendo World back in the early 2000s, our readers could buy a either single issue or pay for a four-issue subscription. However, after we made the switch to P.O.D. … Continue reading

Kendo World 7.4 – On Sale Now!!

Kendo World 7.4 – On Sale Now!! The Kendo World Team would like to announce that issue 7.4 of Kendo World is now available for sale in both hardcopy P.O.D. and Zinio ebook formats. And now for an apology. We are sorry that it has taken us so long to get this edition ready. The aim is to always get each issue out on time, something that we do not manage to do enough. By publishing the 16th WKC Special Issue, this meant … Continue reading

REPORT: The 4th Kendo World Tokyo Keiko-kai

By Michael Ishimatsu-Prime The 4th Kendo World Tokyo Keiko-kai was held on Saturday August 8, 2015, at Meiji University’s Nakano Campus in Tokyo. This year there were 42 participants from 16 different countries in attendance. We were also fortunate to have been joined by three 8-dan and two 7-dan sensei. For the first time at the KW Keiko-kai we were joined by four jukendo/tankendo sensei. The day began with mawari-geiko between the participants before Hirakawa-sensei gave a lecture. Hirakawa-sensei spoke … Continue reading

Kendo World 7.4 – Synopsis

The new (overdue) edition Kendo World is very nearly ready. The i’s are being dotted and the t’s crossed, and once that is done it will be sent to the printers for sale on P.O.D. It will also be available in Zinio ebook format. Thank you, as always, for your patience.  Kendo World 7.4 Synopsis Editorial By Alex Bennett Kendo World’s Editor-in-Chief reflects on three big days in May 2015, namely the 16th World Kendo Championships. “The 16WKC finished with … Continue reading

UPDATE 3 – The 4th Kendo World Keiko-kai

Dear Kendoka, The 4th Kendo World Tokyo Keiko-kai that will be held at Meiji University’s Nakano Campus on Saturday August 8, 2015, is only five days away. We have had a few cancellations and seven places are still open, so if you’d like to attend, please contact us as soon as possible. Like every year, we have invited several 8-dan and 7-dan sensei to attend. So far, the following sensei have confirmed that they will be attending. K8-dan Nagao Susumu … Continue reading