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  • Tankendo no Kata — Nihon-me tankendo

    By baptiste Tavernier Nihon-me: men no uchi – sensen no sen Uchikata assumes gedan-no-kamae and shikata goes into chūdan-irimi-no-kamae. Starting from the front foot, uchikata and shikata take three big steps forward.  As soon as they […]

  • 44th All-Japan Jodo Tournament

    44th All-Japan Jodo Tournament October 8, 2017 Tokyo Budokan The 44th national Jodo championship tournament was held this past weekend at the Tokyo Budokan. This tournament, alongside the Kyoto Taikai in May, is one of […]

  • Naginatadō Kihon Dōsa — Sanbon-me naginata

    By Baptiste Tavernier Originally published in Kendo World 6.3, 2012.   Naginatadō Kihon Dōsa (a.k.a. Butokukai Seitei Kata) At the beginning of each kata, shidachi (naginata) and uketachi (tachi) should start from chūdan, and then assume the […]

  • Doh Waza

    The Nuts & Bolts of Kendo — Doh Waza By Hanshi 9th Dan Nakano Yasoji — Translated by Alex Bennett First published in Kendo World 1.4, 2002 *** Points to observe What should you do […]

  • Tankendo no Kata — Ippon-me

    By baptiste Tavernier   The Tankendo-no-kata’s ultimate purpose is to impart the essence of tankendo. The forms combine the basic techniques with a fixed order, and through learning the combination of techniques, students of tankendo […]

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