Ken Zen Sho – On Sale on Zinio Now!

Ken Zen Sho – The Zen Calligraphy and Painting of Yamaoka Tesshu On Sale on Zinio Now! Yamaoka Tesshu (1836-1888) was a Japanese master of the sword, Zen and calligraphy. This full-color book on the Zen art of Yamaoka Tesshu features reproductions of extremely valuable calligraphy pieces, and also a number of essays about the relationship between swordsmanship, the study of Zen, and calligraphy. Each one of the works presented are translated into English, and its significance explained in detailed … Continue reading

Kendo World 8.1 Hardcopy POD Magazine On Sale Now!

Kendo World 8.1 Hardcopy POD Magazine On Sale Now! The Kendo World Team would like to announce that after much delay, issue 8.1 of Kendo World is finally available for sale in the hardcopy POD format from Amazon, and it can be purchased here. As was the case with issue 7.4, we were far behind schedule with 8.1, and for that we apologise. Our intentions are always to get the magazine out on time, but it is something that we just do not manage to … Continue reading

Kendo: Approaches for All Levels – Now Available on Zinio!!

 Kendo: Approaches for All Levels By Dr. Honda Sotaro, Kendo Renshi 7-dan Now Available on Zinio!! Kendo World is pleased to announce that “Kendo: Approaches for all Levels” by Dr. Honda Sotaro, Kendo Renshi 7-dan, is now available in the Zinio ebook format! To buy “Kendo: Approaches for All Levels”, or any of our other special editions, click here. OVERVIEW Dr. Sotaro Honda (R7-dan), student of H8-dan Masatake Sumi-sensei, has been a longtime contributor to Kendo World, and has spent much … Continue reading