Eight is Great – The 13th All Japan Invitational 8-dan Kendo Championships

Eight is Great The 13th All Japan Invitational 8-dan Kendo Championships Report By Alex Bennett and Michael Ishimatsu-Prime On April 19, the Nakamura Sports Centre in Nagoya was host once again to the 13th All Japan Invitational 8-dan Kendo Championships. This year was the much anticipated debut of 6-time All Japan Champion and kendo legend, Miyazaki Masahiro. This perhaps explains why there were more people in the crowd this year than ever before. A quick glance at the ladder shows … Continue reading

Obituary: Inoue Yoshihiko-sensei – 1928-2015

Obituary Inoue Yoshihiko Sensei (井上義彦先生) 1928-2015  Philosopher, Historian, Author, Kendo Teacher  Inoue Hanshi died April 11th 2015.  He is survived by his wife, son, daughter, five grandchildren and four great grandchildren. Showa 52 (1977) 8th Dan Showa 62 (1987) Hanshi The Sensei believed deeply in the power of true Kendo to develop love, mutual respect and peace in the world. He spoke, and wrote of his experiences as a prison guard for death row prisoners. The conversations he had with … Continue reading

The 13th All Japan Invitational 8-dan Kendo Championships

The 13th All Japan Invitational 8-dan Kendo Championships By Michael Ishimatsu-Prime This Sunday, April 19, 2015, Nakamura Sports Centre in Nagoya will once again host the 8-dan championships, this edition being the 13th. Kendo World will once again be there to cover the event. This competition replaces the old Meiji-mura Kendo Championships which was held from 1977 to 2002. To enter this tournament, competitors must have held the 8-dan grade for over five years and be under 65 years of … Continue reading

“Yah” – “Toh” – Thoughts on Kata

“Yah” – “Toh” – Thoughts on Kata By Ron Fox “Yah” – “Toh”. Bokken whistling through the air. It’s kata practice time. Step back in time with me, a couple of generations or so. Izui-sensei and Matsumoto-sensei, two instructors that for years were pillars of kendo in the Midwest U.S. They were sensei at Chicago kendo dojo, then located at the Buddhist Temple of Chicago. “When I tested for shodan“, Izui-sensei once told me, “we used shinken for kata and … Continue reading

We need to Modernize Budo to Save it

We need to Modernize Budo to Save it! By Yulin Zhuang Technology is like Pandora’s box: Once it is opened and released, no matter how much you want to put it back, you can’t. As much as some might want to turn back the era of the smartphone back to a time when people actually talked to each other when in the same room, that’s just not going to happen. The imperative of new technology is to force people and … Continue reading

Shu-ha-ri Revisited: Part II

Shu-ha-ri Revisited: Part II By Ron Fox Continued from Part I. As I read the discussions of the application of shu-ha-ri to software development and, in particular mentoring software development, I was struck by how over and over again the discussion turned to how to manage the transition from phase to phase. That’s a problem I increasingly had with the discussion and it’s my fault since I wrote about that issue in the context of not having a local instructor … Continue reading