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  • tankendo Tankendo no Kata — Roppon-me

    By baptiste Tavernier Roppon-me: irimi seitai-zuki – sensen no sen Both uchikata and shikata assume chūdan-no-kamae. Starting from the front foot, they take three big steps forward. As soon as they enter into the maai […]

  • Yang Yongliang — Fall Into Oblivion

    Chinese artist Yang Yongliang is famous for his photography and digital works in which he interweaves the structures of modern cities with the scenery of traditional Chinese landscape.  Yang’s signature style (Phantom Landscape III – Pages No.1 45 […]

  • kendo Tsuki Waza and Overall Kihon

    The Nuts & Bolts of Kendo By Hanshi 9th Dan Nakano Yasoji — Translated by Alex Bennett First published in Kendo World 1.4, 2002 ***  Tsuki-waza What is the most basic method of executing tsuki? […]

  • Kendo World When is Shadow not a Shadow? The Yin and Yang of Miyamoto Musashi

    By Baptiste Tavernier   Miyamoto Musashi, arguably Japan’s most famous warrior, needs no introduction. Martial arts enthusiasts from all over the world have heard of his life and feats and many have read Gorin no […]

  • naginata Naginata Dantai Tai Teki no Kata — Introduction

    By Baptiste Tavernier. Originally published in Kendo World 6.4, June 2013   Introduction We already introduced in Kendo World the Naginatadō Kihon Dōsa teaching guidelines that were published at the beginning of 1941 by the Dai […]

  • tankendo Tankendo no Kata — Gohon-me

    By baptiste Tavernier Gohon-me: men wo harai men-uchi – go no sen Uchikata assumes jōdan-no-kamae and shikata goes into chūdan-irimi-no-kamae, but with his kensen pointing towards uchikata’s right wrist. Starting from the front foot, uchikata and shikata […]

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65th All Japan Kendo Championships — Bokuto ni Yoru Kendo Kihon-waza Keiko-ho

65th All Japan Kendo Championships — Nihon Kendo Kata

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