Auckland Kendo Club Celebrates its 25th Anniversary

Auckland Kendo Club Celebrates its 25th Anniversary The Auckland Kendo Club celebrated 25 years as New Zealand’s oldest and largest Kendo club at an action packed ceremony at their dojo headquarters in Panmure on Saturday November 29, 2014. The club was honoured to have the Consul-General Mr. Kazutoshi Inadome and his wife, and Vice-Consul Mr. Kyohei Tanaka present at this event. Several sensei from other NZ Kendo dojos were present as well as a large number of past and present … Continue reading

Canadian Kendo Federation 2014 Photo Contest

Attention budo shutterbugs! The Canadian Kendo Federation is currently conducting an open photo contest around the arts of kendo, iaido, and jodo. The winner stands to pick up one Level 1 ticket to Day 3 (May 31, 2015) of the 16th World Kendo Championships in Tokyo, Japan. Deadline: December 15, 2014! The CKF plans to make a calendar of the best images, which will contain important kendo events from around the world. People whose photo is chosen will receive a … Continue reading

The 62nd All Japan Kendo Championships

Good morning ladies and gentlemen and welcome to Kendo World’s coverage of the 62nd All Japan Kendo Championships. This page will be continuosly updated throughout the day, so please keep checking back or hitting the refresh button on your browser. The competitors have taken the floor for the national anthem, and last year’s champion, Uchimura Ryoichi, has handed back his trophy. The Nihon Kendo Kata is demonstrated by H8-dan Miyagawa Hidetoshi (uchidachi) and H8-dan Sakudo Masao (shidachi). Ct.1 First up … Continue reading

Preview: The 62nd All Japan Kendo Championships

Preview: The 62nd All Japan Kendo Championships, Monday November 3, 2014 By Michael Ishimatsu-Prime The 62nd All Japan Kendo Championships is just a matter of days away, and as usual it will be held at the Nippon Budokan in central Tokyo. The Kendo World Team will be there again to report on the event and provide live updates as the tournament progresses. In this edition of the AJKC, there are still no competitors as successful as Tokyo’s Uchimura Ryoichi, last … Continue reading

The 49th All Japan Iaido Championships

The 49th All Japan Iaido Championships Text, Photos and Videos by Jeff Broderick Iaido’s premier event took place on Saturday October 25, 2014, in Fukushima City. Although the name “Fukushima” is now synonymous with the nuclear disaster that followed the devastating earthquake and tsunami of 2011, Fukushima City is in the northern part of the large prefecture which shares its name, quite removed from the disabled power plant and the no-entry zone which surrounds it. Nevertheless, the events of March 11, 2011, … Continue reading

Sword Making “Taiken”

Sword Making “Taiken” By Yulin Zhuang How much of a five-year apprenticeship can you distill into a single day of training? That was a question that three of us, (David Groff – who recently published a new translation of the Gorin no Sho, KW’s general manager Baptiste Tavernier, and votre serviteur) decided to put to the test when we went to make our own kozuka, a small knife traditionally inserted in the side of the saya. When I think of a … Continue reading