Zanshin 残心

Some thoughts… The traditional martial arts (budō) of Japan boast a history that is centuries old. The samurai warriors applied themselves in the study of martial arts not only to master the techniques of killing, but also to develop their ‘spiritual armour’. The teachings of systemized martial schools from 14th century were simultaneously abstruse, mystical and practical in nature. They held the key to the ‘Holy Grail’ of combat ‒ a superlative combination of body, mind and technique which made … Continue reading

Hanshi Says — Harada Genji

Originally printed Kendo World 2.2, 2003. Translated from the Kendo Jidai Series by Alex Bennett. Born in Iwate prefecture in 1925, Harada sensei began his study of kendo upon entering junior high school. In 1943, he entered the Tokyo College of Physical Education (Tsukuba Univ.) Graduating 4 years later, he became a high school teacher in Kanagawa prefecture, and later back in his prefecture of birth. He retired from teaching in 1985. He coached his students to great success in the high … Continue reading