Apologies for the extreme tardiness in providing this report… The 5th Kendo World Tokyo Keiko-kai was held on Saturday July 30, 2016, at Meiji University’s Nakano Campus. It proved to be a very popular event with 68 participants from 20 different countries taking part. As the keiko-kai was scheduled for the day after the Kitamoto Seminar, seven participants from that seminar, who had obviously not had enough of kendo, joined us. We were also very lucky to have been joined by ten 8-dan sensei. The day began at about 9:30am with the participants doing ji-geiko with each other until about 10:00am. After that the sensei were introduced toRead More →

By Julie Hsieh “Gong xi, gong xi! Guan Zhang!” (Congratulations, Dojo owner!) Wow! Am I dreaming? I just became a dojo owner in my hometown of Taipei, Taiwan. People have called me “doctor”, “COO”, and even “Lulu Fairy” (I host a kid’s TV show teaching Confucian values; yes, dressed as a fairy…). But Guan Zhang, I will have to get used to that. It all started in 2009 when my husband David and I were living in Seattle and looking for a couple’s activity we could do together for exercise. Looking through our local community center guide, we narrowed it down to ballroom dancing, Kendo,Read More →

By Michael Ishimatsu-Prime The 4th Kendo World Tokyo Keiko-kai was held on Saturday August 8, 2015, at Meiji University’s Nakano Campus in Tokyo. This year there were 42 participants from 16 different countries in attendance. We were also fortunate to have been joined by three 8-dan and two 7-dan sensei. For the first time at the KW Keiko-kai we were joined by four jukendo/tankendo sensei. The day began with mawari-geiko between the participants before Hirakawa-sensei gave a lecture. Hirakawa-sensei spoke about the importance of correct hasuji (cutting angle) and the eight different directions of cut in the Ono-ha Itto-ryu. He also said that seme shouldRead More →

This Dojo Files article originally appeared in Kendo World 4.4. In memory of Terry Holt-sensei we are reprinting the article here. Dojo Files: Mumeishi Dojo London Mumeishi Dojo 40th Anniversary By Michael Komoto In recent times, we take for granted the broad dissemination of kendo, popularization in modern culture, and the possibility of traveling and engaging in kendo in nearly any place in the world. However, it has not always been so, and in actuality, the history of kendo outside Japan is just a handful of decades. We all have much to be thankful for; thankful for the work and dedication of individuals and clubsRead More →