Naginatadō Kihon Dōsa — Nihon-me

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By Baptiste Tavernier
Originally published in Kendo World 6.3, 2012.


Naginatadō Kihon Dōsa (a.k.a. Butokukai Seitei Kata)

At the beginning of each kata, shidachi (naginata) and uketachi (tachi) should start from chūdan, and then assume the designated kamae. At the end of each kata, both should first assume chūdan again, then go back to the original position assuming migi-kowaki (mugamae in modern naginata) for shidachi and lowering the kensen for uketachi.


Nihon-me – Chūdan

(1) SHIDACHI: assume chūdan, take two steps forward and take the maai.

(1) UKETACHI: assume hassō and take three steps forward.

(2) SHIDACHI: step forward with the right foot and keep the legs crossed while blocking in kasumijōdan uketachi‘s shōmen strike.

(2) UKETACHI: strike shōmen.

(3) SHIDACHI: perform harai-otoshi to the right on the tachi.

(3) UKETACHI: receive the harai-otoshi on your left.

(4) SHIDACHI: step forward with the left foot and thrust to the right flank.

(4) UKETACHI: take a step back from the left foot.


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