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By Baptiste Tavernier Originally published in Kendo World 6.3, 2012.   Naginatadō Kihon Dōsa (a.k.a. Butokukai Seitei Kata) At the beginning of each kata, shidachi (naginata) and uketachi (tachi) should start from chūdan, and then assume the designated kamae. At the end of each kata, both should first assume chūdan again, then go back to the original position assuming migi-kowaki (mugamae in modern naginata) for shidachi and lowering the kensen for uketachi.   Nihon-me – Chūdan (1) SHIDACHI: assume chūdan, take two steps forward and take the maai. (1) UKETACHI: assume hassō and take three steps forward. (2) SHIDACHI: step forward with the right foot and keep theRead More →

tsukahara bokuden

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Tsukahara Bokuden (1490-1571). One of Japan’s greatest swordsmen, he founded the Shinto-ryu, which in turn saw the development of many more great fencers. Originally printed in Kendo World Issue 1.4, 2002. From the book Kenshi no Meigon, by Tobe Shinjuro. Translated by Alex Bennett. *** Korashite Katsu “Win by making them speculate!” He was good, but no great. Stubborn fool walked straight into it!”   In the world of heiho, absence of mind is a state sought after. This of course is not referring to forgetfulness, but rather the condition of being freed from distraction or having your mind preoccupied with some small detail. In kendo theRead More →

28th Gakuren Alumni Taikai Sunday December 17, 2017 – Sumida Ward Gymnasium The Gakuren Alumni Taikai is a prestigious kendo competition featuring teams that are composed of graduates from different universities across Japan. Kendo powerhouses like Kokushikan and Tsukuba enter teams in all the divisions, and it’s not uncommon to see ex-All Japan Kendo Championships competitors taking part. Not only that, there is no limit on dan grade so there are plenty of 8-dan sensei taking part, too! In the men’s competition there are three divisions that consist of seven-, five-, and three-person teams. The women’s competition has one division with five-person teams. There areRead More →

Report: The 6th Kendo World Tokyo Keiko-kai Saturday July 29, 2017 56 participants from 20 countries gathered at Meiji University’s Nakano Campus for the 6th Kendo World Seminar on Saturday July 29. We were very fortunate to have been joined by eight 8-dan and two 7-dan sensei that we invited to attend, together with two 8-dan and three 7-dan jukendo and tankendo sensei. The day began at 09:30 with warming-up before Shigematsu Kimiaki-sensei of Chiba police force led the instruction session. Shigematsu-sensei made the participants do kirikaeshi many times, emphasising big and correct over fast and sloppy. Then he guided the participants through the Bokuto ni yoru Kihon Waza Keiko-ho whileRead More →