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Bunkasha International

Kendo World magazine is published in June and December by Bunkasha International Corporation. In addition to Kendo World, Bunkasha has published the following titles;
Ken Zen Sho – The Zen Calligraphy and Painting of Yamaoka Tesshu
Kendo: Approaches for All Levels
Les contes du samourai (Tales of the Samurai – French)
The Fighting Man of Japan
Karate, My Life (English and Spanish versions)

Translation Services
Bunkasha International also offers translation services. Our experienced team of translators has translated the following books from Japanese into English;
Budo, The Martial Ways of Japan
Karate, My Life

In addition to these books, Bunkasha has also undertaken translation and staffing assignments for the Japanese Academy of Budo, The Nippon Budokan and Budo World.

While we predominantly translate material related to budo, our experienced team will be able to assist you with any of your translation needs. We are able to offer translation services in the following languages;
Japanese to English, French, Spanish
English to French, Japanese, Spanish
French to English, Japanese, Spanish
Spanish to English, French, Japanese

Contact us at the email address below for a quotation.

Bunkasha International Corporation
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