NAGINATA Monbushō Seitei Kata — Happon-me

By Baptiste Tavernier
Originally published in Kendo World 7.2, 2014.

8本目 —  hidari-men no zangeki ni taishi makiotoshi-zuki


From hassō attack and cut hidari-men.

⇒ From hidari-gedan step back and perform a makiotoshi, then thrust to nodo.


— This kata was studied from middle school, 3rd grade.

— As stated by Sakakida Yaeko: “In the guidelines, there is a pattern where one performs a makiotoshi on an incoming hidari-men cut, and finishes off with tsuki. This technique starts from gedan, so it is the largest makiotoshi of the whole series. Consequently, this has an impact on the ensuing tsuki: because the makiotoshi is extremely large, when performing the final thrust the back hand cannot go completely up to the solar plexus, but instead should rest in front of the lower abdomen.”