NAGINATA Monbushō Seitei Kata — Ippon-me

By Baptiste Tavernier
Originally published in Kendo World 7.2, 2014.

1本目 — men no zangeki ni taishi uchiotoshi-zuki


From chūdan attack and cut men.

⇒ From hidari-hassō step back, perform uchiotoshi and thrust to nodo (throat).


— This kata was studied from primary school, 6th grade.

— In the MSK, right or left stances are named after the position of the naginata: if the weapon is held on the left side of the body, then one is assuming a left stance or hidari-kamae. If the weapon is on the right side of the body, then one is assuming a right stance or migi-kamae. It is therefore the opposite of modern shikake-ōji where left or right stances are named after the foot that is in front.

Thus, in the first picture of this series, the practitioner on the left is assuming a hidari-hassō, with the naginata on her left side. In shikake-ōji, this kamae would be called migi-hassō, again because her right foot is in front.