NAGINATA Monbushō Seitei Kata — Kyuhon-me

By Baptiste Tavernier
Originally published in Kendo World 7.2, 2014.

9本目 — tsuki ni taishi nayashi-ire-zuki


From chūdan attack and thrust to nodo.

⇒ From chūdan step back to “exhaust” (nayashi) the opponent’s thrust, then close the gap (irimi) and thrust to nodo.


— This kata was studied from middle school, 3rd grade.

— The concept of “nayashi” is studied in modern naginata through kata No. 1, where one exhausts his opponent’s tsuki and then performs a makiotoshi. Here in the MSK, instead of a makiotoshi, the defender “enters” in his opponent’s centreline (or “enters” the opponent’s waza) and thrusts. This is a basic principle of Jukendo.