NAGINATA Monbushō Seitei Kata — Nanahon-me

By Baptiste Tavernier
Originally published in Kendo World 7.2, 2014.

7本目 — dō no renzoku zangeki ni taishi nuki hidari-men zangeki


From waki attack and cut hidari-dō.

⇒ From hassō step back and block the cut with the shinogi in hidari-kamae.

Then attack and cut migi-dō.

⇒ Step back with the right foot and avoid the cut in migi-waki fashion, but with the ishizuki raised higher than usual. Then cut hidari-men.


— This kata was studied from middle school, 2nd grade.

— This pattern has become shikake-ōji No. 8. The only difference with the modern version resides in the last cut, which, in the MSK, is a hidari-men instead of a shōmen.